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SculpSure treatment is an innovative noninvasive laser treatment that uses heat to destroy up to 24% of fat in the treated area.

About SculpSure

SculpSure targets areas of unwanted fat and is particularly suited to treat the abdomen or “muffin top,” and flanks, or “love handles.” Each treatment session is just 25 minutes long, with most clients needing between one and two treatments total for a given area. In just six weeks, you’ll begin to see results, with optimal results in as early as 12 weeks. Clients can see up to a 24% fat reduction, often with skin tightening over the area of fat loss.

SculpSure uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to create its effect, and it’s entirely noninvasive — no injections, punctures, or even bruising to the skin occur. There’s zero anesthesia, minimal discomfort and no downtime whatsoever. Patients will feel alternating waves of a cooling, then warming sensation, as if a cool pack and then heating pad were interchanged. The treatment is totally customizable to your specific area of need and sensation tolerance.

SculpSure uses a diode laser to emit its light energy through glass made from sapphire. The sapphire glass protects and cools the skin, allowing the laser energy to harmlessly pass through to exclusively target subcutaneous fat cells and leaving surrounding nonfat tissues untouched. This process can be compared to the way sunshine (infrared light) passes into your car and creates heat without damaging the glass.

Once the laser light warms the subcutaneous fat to about 110° Fahrenheit, the cells break down and die. Then, the fat cells are cleared away naturally by your body’s lymphatic system and are eliminated as waste over time. These fat cells are gone forever — they cannot regenerate. Between 12 to 24 weeks, your body begins to make new collagen, helping tighten and tone the appearance of the skin.

SculpSure is manufactured in Massachusetts by CynoSure and is a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. Visit our SculpSure Submental page for more information.