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Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa, or Versa as it is known as, is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler that is similar to Juvederm or Restylane products. The product was approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration in 2017 for the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and creases and released to the U.S. market in 2019.

What makes this filler different than others on the market is the way it is manufactured. The gel substance is processed via an advanced wet milling technology and propriety formula which results in a uniformed size shape and smoothness of the end product. This newer technology has been proven in clinical studies to result in 24% less swelling after injection as compared to other dermal fillers. The spherical particle shape is more likely to be accepted by your body and therefore undergoes a slower Prollenium, the company who manufactures Versa, takes pride in producing smaller batches and a high standard of quality control by inspecting each syringe before leaving their North American manufacturing facility.

Patients report a smooth long lasting natural result with this filler. In our office we use the filler to treat areas that are considered “off label use” such as the lips and under eyes as well as other areas.
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