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As you age, your body can develop imperfections that simple home remedies and creams often cannot reverse. If you’re dealing with an unwanted skin condition like age spots, milia, skin tags, warts, moles, water warts, hyperplasia, and other pigmentation issues, a product like CryoPen can help you look and feel better.

What is CryoPen?

CryoPen is a pen-like instrument that treats skin imperfections by emitting extreme cold from its tip that is derived from nitrous oxide (NO2). Treatment sessions can be over in as quickly as two minutes. It’s also so painless that no topical anesthesia is needed. This non-invasive treatment can be used to treat any benign skin lesion that occurs on the face and other parts of the body.
CryoPen is available in three models: B, M, and X, which each serve different skincare needs. They vary slightly in performance, but all send out high-pressured NO2 to remove benign lesions on your skin.

How Does Extreme Cold Help My Skin?

Your problem skin areas will be given brief touches of the CryoPen’s tip, which gets as cold as -89°C. This extreme temperature crystallizes the fluids of problem skin cells and transforms them into ice, destroying the lesion and its membrane.

How Long Do the Results Last?

CryoPen has been proven to show permanent results after one to two treatments. There’s a 1 to 4 week healing period and on average, results are visible 1 to 6 weeks after the treatment. In some cases, a second treatment may be needed, which can be administered 1 to 4 weeks after the first treatment.

Is CryoPen Right for You?

If you’re interested in seeing if CryoPen is right for you, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Roche to learn more by calling 201-505-1020.