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The Evanish Peel

The Evanish Peel

The Evanish Peel

The Melanage Peel is now the Evanish Peel. Reformulated, renamed, and now better-than-before for medical pigment management.

What is the Evanish Peel?

The Evanish Peel system is the Melanage Peel but reformulated so that the mask is no longer thick and white. The almost clear mask, which is to be left on for several hours, makes it easier to leave the office and drive home. The active ingredients remain the same. Just as the Melange Peel was, the Evanish Peel is a Hydroquinone and Retinoid based masque for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, blemishes and melasma. It is a superficial peel designed to improve the texture and appearance of hyperpigmented skin. It involves an in-office chemical application customized with specific amounts of active ingredients just right for your skin issues and post homecare products to use and regimen to follow.

How does it work?

The Evanish Peel is compounded, or mixed, freshly by Dr. Roche or our medical staff to ensure its potency and reliability, the same way as the Melanage masque was. The powerhouse of the Evanish Peel is the InvisiMask which is a combination of Hydroquinone, to shut off the melanin production, and a Retinoid, to cause the peeling of the pigmented skin. After your face is prepped, the pain free clear Evanish InvisiMask is applied. You will leave the office with the InvisiMask on and it is removed at home after a required length of time depending on your skin type.

Following the mask removal, you are responsible for adhering to an easy-to-follow, but strict, at-home regimen involving the application of several, products that are in the take home kit that comes with the peel. The kit includes our InvisiMask Remover Pads, Calming Cleanser, Intensive Recovery Complex, Soothing Balm, Solar Eclipse Emollient Sunscreen, and the Evanish 2 Cream. The Evanish 2 Cream is applied each evening for the next month and continues to create clear skin by microscopically peeling the skin and suppressing the pigmentation. We prepare and formulate this cream in the office and can customize the strength for your specific needs.

What results can I expect after the Evanish Peel?

The evening of the peel, after you wash your face and apply the proper products, your skin will feel smooth and soft. The next morning, there may be a glow and a tight appearance to your skin. The peeling will begin approximately 48 hours after the time the peel was applied. The peeling will last approximately 5-7 days and is most intense at about day three. Like the Melanage Peel, there is no pain at any point with the Evanish peel.

Results will vary but generally patients will see a significant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas. Dark spots will lighten, and skin texture and tone will improve. The benefits of the Evanish Peel are stimulation of collagen production, improvement of skin tone and texture, and diminishment of fine lines, pigmentation and acne. Proper skin evaluation by Dr. Roche or our Physician Assistant prior to your peel is important and will help predict the outcome of you results.

What should I do after I receive a peel?

Detailed post care instructions will be reviewed and given to you to follow at home. The most important point is to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen and a hat before you leave the house. Information about the products and how to use them will be printed out for you to keep on your bathroom mirror.



At first, I was nervous about receiving the Melanage Peel, but Dr. Roche and the entire team at MedSpa were there to answer any questions I had during the entire treatment. The results were even better than I expected, and it has greatly helped my confidence. There is no other group of individuals who I’d select for this procedure. They exhibit an immense level of dedication and commitment to their patients, and this is obvious once you enter MedSpa.