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PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift

A Revolutionary New Technology

Thread Lift is a procedure that uses a PDO absorbable suture, similar to what is used in cardiothoracic surgery. The threads are pre-loaded into either very small needles for the thinner threads or slightly larger cannulas (blunt tipped needles) for the bigger threads. NovaThreads is an American company who makes these threads.

Unlike surgery, a Thread Lift provides natural looking results that can be done in a short period of time. It’s often called a “lunchtime” procedure, because it can be scheduled and done on a lunch break! No other product or procedure on the market can provide the instant lifting results on the neck and jawline like a Thread Lift.

What Is a PDO Absorbable Suture?

“PDO” stands for polydioxanone, which is an incredibly safe synthetic material for implantation into the body and has been used for many years in surgery. Your skin heals around the suture and fully absorbs it between four to six months after the procedure, yet the results typically last a year.

How Do PDO Threads Work?

The skin does exceptionally well to repair itself, and the science behind the PDO Threads (NovaThreads) relies on the body’s inflammatory response. In many aesthetic procedures, including microneedling and chemical peels, what is known as “selective inflammatory response” is used to engage the body’s natural healing abilities to create the desired results.

Some of the larger NovaThreads are designed to actually lift the skin. They have small laser cuts in the sides which creates tiny spikes that stick out called “barbs”. These barbs help with lifting the skin in the cheek and lower jaw area. When the larger threads are inserted in the skin, we gently pull back on the threads to physically lift the skin before the suture is cut at the skin level. This creates the instant lift effect. The smaller threads that are smooth and do not have the spikes, are placed in a mesh-like fashion in areas that show weak collagen. Over the next four weeks, new collagen is created. Even after the PDO suture is fully absorbed by your body, the new collagen that your skin created during controlled healing is allowing you to maintain your results.

What Is the difference between the mesh threads and the lift threads?

There are two types of NovaThreads – NuMesh and NuLyft.

NuMesh is a procedure that involves creating a mesh-like structure underneath the skin by inserting the sutures like a tic-tac-toe grid – two sutures inserted vertically and three sutures horizontally, or vice versa. This “mesh” supports the production of collagen and tightens the skin naturally from the inside out. No drastic changes occur and results appear natural, as if you’re simply looking younger every day.

NuLyft creates a more dramatic result immediately. Different PDO sutures are used that have “barbs” on the end, allowing them to grip the inside of the skin. The suture is then lifted in one or two directions, instantly repositioning the skin. Once the sutures are inserted, the skin begins to make its own collagen, which secures the lift.

No Cuts, No Surgery

PDO Threads are pre-loaded into thin needles that are inserted into the skin at the subdermal level after local anesthetic is applied. Typically, no pain is felt, only pressure. The needle is removed, but the thread stays under the skin. Only small injection sites are noticeable and fade quickly, typically within the same day.

Restoring the V-Shape of the Face

The natural V-shape of the face is part of what makes it so attractive and healthy looking. However, over time, gravity causes the skin to “droop” or “sag,” which many people find to be undesirable. The technology behind PDO Threads allows a physician to create a foundation of support for the tissues of the face, thus restoring the natural V-shape with gentle, natural lifting.

Where Can PDO Threads Be Used?

While PDO Threads can be used just about anywhere on the body, they are particularly effective at lifting the neck and jawline. In conjunction with neurotoxins and fillers, a thread lift with PDO threads can create a lift instantly, without surgery.

To learn more about NovaThreads, NuMesh, and NuLyft, contact the Elizabeth Roche, MD MedSpa to book your appointment.

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