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Latisse: Longer and Thicker Lashes, Naturally

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lashes are the drapes that give those windows their allure. Thicker, fuller eyelashes are desirable precisely because they provide such a dramatic and dynamic frame for the eyes. And that’s where Latisse eyelash enhancement comes in.

Whether your favorite look is one of doe-eyed unassuming beauty (think Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman) or sensuous heavy-lidded languor (à la Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe), there’s only so much that mascara and eyeliner can really do. Even the false eyelashes that celebrities use don’t give a truly natural look.

For truly spectacular lashes that last, eyelash enhancement is a must. Latisse is a prescription treatment that actually lengthens, thickens, and darkens your own eyelashes. Not cosmetically, but naturally! Latisse works in two ways: by extending the growth phase of your eyelashes and increasing the number of individual lashes that grow.

Eyelash Enhancement With Latisse Is Worth It

In a matter of weeks, sparse eyelashes become noticeably lush, longer, and more beautiful. In clinical studies including 278 women, 78% saw positive changes in their lashes. After sixteen weeks of using Latisse for eyelash enhancement:

  • Average eyelash length increased by 25%
  • Average thickness and fullness increased by 106%
  • Average lash color was 18% darker

How is Latisse Eyelash Enhancement Treatment Applied?

Latisse comes with its own single-use sterile applicators and is easy to apply. Each night after you remove your makeup, you simply dab Latisse gently on your upper lash line, and it spreads to the lower lash line naturally when you blink. Most women begin to see results after two months of nightly use, and after three or four months, you may be able to maintain your results by using Latisse only every other night.

You can still wear mascara while using Latisse, but you may find that you no longer need to!

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement For a More Youthful Beauty

Many women, when considering non-surgical beauty treatments, never think about how their eyelashes impact their overall look. But like many other unconscious physical signals, long and lush eyelashes are a signifier of both youth and health – which are, of course, the foundations of true beauty.

Every woman will embrace a different look when it comes to the eyes, from dark and sultry to bright and glamorous, but Latisse can be a part of every woman’s beauty routine. So if you’re ready for a little update in the ‘windows to the soul’ department, consider giving Latisse a try.

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