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Saving Face: Medical Facial Treatments that Really Work

Medical Facial Treatment Results

Did you know The Elizabeth Roche MD MedSpa offers a wide array of corrective and skin-enhancing medical facial treatments that are effective and long-lasting, without requiring surgery?

Prescription skin care is perhaps the best introduction to those new to clinical aesthetics. Brands such as OBAGI or SkinMedica, sold only through the offices of cosmetic physicians, visibly reduce wrinkles, brighten skin, fade discolorations and age spots, and improve skin tone and texture. Our medical aestheticians will select the best products to meet your needs and advise you on proper at-home use. Before-and-after photos are taken at our office – first at the onset of treatment and then six months or so after continuous use. The results are amazing!

Once a good skincare routine is established, many patients seek to further their improvements. Chemical peels are a popular next step. Chemical face peels can generally be grouped into three categories: light (or superficial), moderate, and deep. Regardless of intensity, all peels exfoliate your skin to accelerate the cell renewal process and stimulate collagen and improve elastin, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion. Mild to moderate peels are performed by our licensed nurse and medical aesthetician whereas deep peels are performed by me. All can resurface skin, eliminating brown spots and smooth deep wrinkles or scars with the deeper peel resulting in faster results.

Aesthetic lasers remain at the forefront of cosmetic medicine innovation. Lasers, using a variety of light frequencies, can boost collagen, target fat, resurface coarse skin, reduce acne, eliminate unwanted hair, fade discoloration, soothe redness and more.

There are three main kinds of laser skin resurfacing technologies in use today: Carbon dioxide (CO), ablative fractional, and erbium lasers. CO lasers stimulate the body’s wound response to create new, fresh, undamaged skin, plump with collagen. While CO2 lasers remove the skin’s entire top layer, ablative fractional lasers removes skin in hundreds of “columns,” each column smaller than a pinhead. The subsequent healing process creates fresh skin that looks and feels softer, tighter, and smoother, as with the CO2 laser. The surrounding skin that was left intact and untreated by an energy column helps the treated areas to heal faster. Erbium lasers can diminish wrinkles, improve pigmentation and resurface the skin.

Laser hair removal, or more correctly, laser hair reduction, is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. It is most commonly used to treat unwanted hair on the face, underarm, leg or bikini area.

Ultrasound technology to selectively reduce fat and lift skin is a relative newcomer to cosmetic medicine. In the Ultherapy treatment, an ultrasound gel is applied to the face or neck and a smooth handpiece is placed upon your skin. The focused ultrasound energy bypasses the surface of your skin and is delivered to pre-planned depths within the tissue below to stimulate collagen growth. Results come gradually, within two to three months.

Speak to any of our cosmetic specialists to discover which facial treatment can help your skin shine!

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