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Undetectable Anti-Aging With a Non-Surgical Neck Lift NJ

A guide to beauty published in 1924 declared that the “falling contour of the chin is one of the first evidences of age, but it can be prevented with faithful care,” and it’s absolutely true. The neck, of course, doesn’t age any faster than the face, but it is a neglected part of many women’s beauty routines and consequently shows the passage of time more acutely.

In the past, hydration and facial exercises were the only ways to combat loose, sagging skin, wrinkles, and changes in skin tone. Then came cosmetic surgery, which produced tight results, but didn’t address the underlying skin and muscle changes that lead to aging of the neck. Today, we offer our clientele the best non-surgical neck lifts and other non-invasive methods of neck rejuvenation in NJ.

What is a non-surgical neck lift?

There are numerous non-invasive neck rejuvenation options available in NJ, but we believe that the ones we offer at Elizabeth Roche M.D. MedSpa are the best. These include:


Each type of non-surgical neck lift we offer in our NJ medspa has unique benefits, but all require minimal to no recovery time and result in younger looking, more beautiful, and even healthier skin.

Why opt for non-invasive neck rejuvenation in NJ?

Simply put, because a non-surgical neck lift will make you look younger and more attractive without the expense and invasiveness of traditional cosmetic surgery. The results you achieve with a non-surgical neck lift often last longer and look more natural than a surgical procedure, while also addressing secondary issues like your skin’s texture and tone. It’s not just about tightening – it’s about total neck rejuvenation. And while you’ll look refreshed and youthful after one of our rejuvenating procedures, no one will be able to tell you’ve had anything done.

The cures we look to today for aging skin may be very different than those women turned to in 1924, but our dedication to a regime of “faithful care” hasn’t changed a bit. Call us at 201-505-1020 to learn more about non-surgical neck lift options in NJ.

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