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Off-Label Uses for Kybella

KybellaKybella is a prescription medicine primarily used to reduce fat below the chin and improve the appearance of your profile. Its active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally in your body and assists in the absorption of dietary fat. This nonsurgical injection technique takes only 15-20 minutes to complete, and it destroys the fat cells in that area so that they can no longer store fat.

Approved by the FDA in 2015, Kybella offers an attractive alternative to liposuction, but reducing chin fat is not the only use for this product. There are a number of exciting off-label uses as well. Patient should be aware that this off label use is not advocated by the company that makes Kybella and that there are no standardized dosing guidelines for these areas.

Jowl Fat

While Kybella is approved to treat submental fat, the treatment may be used to correct sagging jowls as well. When combined with treatment for submental fat, this can make significant changes to someone’s profile, and often, this helps to boost confidence levels. Very small amounts are given at each treatment so as not to reduce too much fat from the area. Multiple treatments are needed.

Bra Fat

“Bra fat” is that unflattering protrusion of fat that appears between the around the bra area. It can happen due to weight gain, ageing, genetic disposition or after breast reduction surgery. Kybella can also help to eliminate these fat pockets. Many doctors have had excellent success removing targeted areas of fat with Kybella in this area of the body.

Inner Knee Fat

Fat in the back of your knees can make nice legs look larger than they actually area and wearing skirts or shorts no longer look good. Unfortunately, however, this area is hard to exercise, and even liposuction treatments tend to be ineffective in this region. However, Kybella can help reduce the number of fat cells in this area.

Pubic Area

This is another area where people are receiving Kybella to reduce a protuberant mons pubis. This treatment tends to be gentler than liposuction and less invasive than a pubic lift procedure. The product permanently dissolves fat cells, making it a great way to get rid of pockets of fat in the pubic region so you look better in your yoga pants and bathing suits.

Belly and Arm Fat

Many people have unwanted excess fat around their belly, on their thighs, and under their arms. Kybella can also help to address the fat deposits in these areas although large amounts are sometimes required making the treatment cost prohibitive. However, if you have a small pocket of fat, it is perfect for sculpting especially after a liposuction procedure which are never perfectly smooth.

Using Kybella for Off-Label Uses

Kybella works best for patients who are at a healthy body weight but who are struggling to eliminate fat in problem areas as explained above. Generally, you need two to four injection sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Typically, mild swelling occurs during the first week due to the inflammatory process of how the solution breaks down the fat cells. After that, many people report results within three to four weeks, but the full benefits can take up to 60 to 90 days to appear.

Kybella is proving to be quite a popular and safe fix to patients who want to remove stubborn fat. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact the Elizabeth Roche Med Spa.