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Sculptra Buttock Enhancement

Sculptra Buttock Enhancement

If you are looking for a fuller buttocks, perkier derriere, glass-like ass, or decreased dimples, Sculptra could be perfect for you.

Why Sculptra?

Sculptra Aesthetic is used to rejuvenate and revolumize different areas of your body including the face and the buttocks. You may want to consider Sculptra treatments if you are looking to enhance your buttocks. Sculptra provides benefits in several ways such as volumizing, shaping, and smoothing your bottom. It is able to both increase the size and shape of your buttocks and decrease the appearance of cellulite. Sculptra is done by injections, so it is a good option for you if you are looking for a procedure that is less invasive and safer than Brazilian butt lift surgery. Feeling confident in your body is extremely important, and Sculptra may be able to help achieve that feeling.

How does Sculptra work?

Collagen is a natural substance that already exists in your body. It is a protein made up of amino-acids that keep your tissues, bones, joints, muscles, and skin healthy and strong. Lacking collagen in certain areas can cause a hollow, saggy look. Whether you are looking to optimize the shape and size of your buttocks or fill cellulite dimples, Sculptra Aesthetic works by gradually stimulating collagen growth. It does not just temporarily fill certain areas, but works to rejuvenate and restore volume in the entire treated area for an extended period of time. With poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) being the active ingredient, collagen is formed around the biodegradable PLLA. The collagen remains in your body although the PLLA eventually dissolves. With natural collagen produced and the PLLA dissolving, a natural look is ensured.

What is involved in the treatment?

Sculptra Aesthetic buttock enhancement is minimally invasive that is done by a series of injections. The usual amount of Sculptra needed per session is 4 to 12 vials per session. Dr.Roche will first discuss your aesthetic buttock enhancement goals. Photos will be taken and the areas of concern will be reviewed with you. The area is cleansed and then marked. You will then be brought to the treatment room and placed in a relaxing position on your stomach. We add a local anesthetic into the Sculptra when reconstituting the powder into a liquid solution, so the treatment is fairly comfortable. After the injection, the area is massaged to ensure even distribution of the product. In order to avoid the risk of infection, it is important to avoid soaking in any type of water for twenty-four hours since you will have open areas on your skin from the injections. All other activities, including exercise, can begin the following day as tolerated.

Since Sculptra stimulates natural collagen production, it is a gradual process. To achieve best results, Sculptra can take several sessions. Patients usually need three to four sessions every 4-8 weeks, but it is dependent on where the patient is getting injected and the results that they are trying to attain. Of course each patient is different, so it is important to Dr. Roche to curate a custom plan for each patient’s Sculptra goals.

How long does Sculptra last?

Sculptra lasts over two years, for some patients even three to five years depending on how much was initially used and on each patient’s metabolism. To keep the best results, a patient may need “touch-up” after this time or when they begin to see a change. The touch up will not require as much product or as many sessions as the first time.

What now?

If you are interested in getting Sculptra buttock enhancement, scheduling a consultation is the next step. To schedule, call our office located in New Jersey at 201-505-1020. At the consultation, Dr.Roche will determine if you are a good candidate for Sculptra buttock enhancement treatment and together determine the best plan for you. We will also go over the pricing of Sculptra at the consultation. Because each patient needs a different amount of Sculptra depending on what they want to achieve, the overall pricing will differ.. We want your personalized Sculptra experience to be amazing, so we will provide you with the information that is needed for that. What matters most at The Elizabeth Roche, M.D. MedSpa, is assuring our patients’ safety while helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. You’ll get a lift not only in your buttocks, but in your confidence too!