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Microneedling is gaining ground as a highly sought-after, effective approach to skin rejuvenation, and we’re confident you will love your results. As you prepare for your first microneedling session, we will give you plenty of information in post-treatment care. Here are some self-care tips we recommend to make sure you experience optimal results.


Directly after your treatment, your skin will feel like you’re slightly sunburned. Tight, warm, and even a bit red. There may also be minor bruising. This inflammatory response dies down quickly and begins fading significantly within just a few hours, but some pinkish color may last for 12-48 hours.

Plan to go without makeup for a short period of time, which is determined by the extent of the microneedling and size of the needles and pores. Since we are a medical facility, our device is medical grade and thus the needles are able to go deeper than a treatment provided at a non-medical facility.

In order to prevent any type of infection, we do not allow anything to be put on your face for the first twenty-four hours, after which all of the micro-channels we have created on your skin have closed. We will provide a product which has been proven safe to use for the first 24 hours while this initial healing process is occurring. Peeling may start a couple of days after your treatment. Do not pick or peel at the skin.  Our staff will help make sure you are thoroughly informed about what to use for the first 24 hours and thereafter in order to obtain the best possible outcome from your treatment.


Microneedling is noninvasive and nonsurgical, so you don’t have recovery time like you would expect for a significant surgical procedure. You won’t find yourself having to take several days off work to recover, but don’t expect to have a microneedling session over your lunch break and head straight back to work.

We recommend scheduling your treatments on days when your weekend or social calendar is more relaxed. The first twenty-four hours will be the most significant in your downtime. Then over the next two to four days, you will be fully recovered from the treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise or exerting yourself in any way that causes excessive sweating, due to the treatment which affects the pores. For the same reason, avoid saunas and steam baths for the same amount of time.


Use only the cleanser we recommend and tepid water to clean your face. Our Calming Cleanser is gentle enough to use on skin that has undergone microneedling. Avoid exfoliating products such as Retin-A or alpha and beta hydroxy-acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid) and pat gently to dry. We will recommend the best products to use so your skin is able to get the most out of the restorative benefits of microneedling.


As you experience cellular turnover, you may see dryness or flaking within a couple of days following treatment. Your skin naturally sheds its cells, but microneedling speeds up this process some, therefore making dry, flaking cells look more prominent for a short while. This is a normal part of the process. Keeping your skin hydrated is of utmost importance, especially now. We carry our own line of products which will continue the healing and regenerative process, promote collagen and elastin production, and contain intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid and peptides to lock in healing on a deep level. We would love to discuss these options with you so that your skin receives the most benefits available.


It’s important to protect your skin from sun exposure at all times, but especially after microneedling. Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of three days post treatment, and absolutely avoid tanning beds. Your skin may feel tender and sensitive at this time, and – similarly to after a sunburn – and it’s valuable to take extra precautions to prevent sun damage. If you’ll be outside, wear a wide-brimmed sun hat to shade your face, or ask us about safe sunscreens to use during this time.


The rise in popularity for microneedling has everything to do with its effectiveness. Everyone can access this opportunity to look and feel younger, to take years off their face, and to feel confident once more when they look in the mirror. This is not just a treatment reserved for celebrities. This is a treatment which brings results affordably and non-invasively. You will begin seeing change and results quickly and will be delighted with the end result by the time your entire treatment plan is finished. The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy the look and feel of youth once more.


Microneedling can make you feel the best you have in years, and confident that you will have results you love. As you look forward into the future, consider what a “new you” looks like, then give us a call. We’re ready to help you meet those goals and enjoy the youthful appearance you not only deserve to have, but that is readily available.