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A woman’s hands can give away her true age even if her face and body look years younger. Worse, our hands bear the brunt of all we do, whether it’s sun exposure, abrasive household cleaners, or hereditary premature aging – so your hands may even look years older than you actually are. Our hands are usually in the limelight and everyone sees them. We use them expressively when we communicate. So how can you treat your hands to rejuvenation and breathe some life into them again? We have several techniques to help give aging hands the look of youth and vitality.

Radiesse® and Radiesse+ Dermal Fillers to Target Wrinkles

Radiesse® is an injectable dermal filler which stimulates your own collagen production. Targeted to fine lines and wrinkles, Radiesse® helps your body to regenerate tissue and helps correct the diminished tissue volume caused by aging. Wrinkles are filled in, and results are immediate. Since Radiesse+ also contains lidocaine, the process is practically pain-free.

Radiesse® dermal fillers can last at least 12 months, and by stimulating an ongoing production of your own collagen, provide a long-lasting effect. It truly helps rebuild the foundation of your skin, and your newly-produced collagen remains in place after the treatment stimulates its production.

Restylane Lyft®

Restylane Lyft® is a safe cosmetic dermal filler that has recently been approved by the FDA for rejuvenating hands, adding softness and more volume where skin has thinned or wrinkled. Made from hyaluronic acid that has been modified to last longer than the hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the body, Restylane Lyft® provides excellent results. Previously, the only filler FDA approved for the hands was Radiesse®.

IPL/Photorejuvenation to Treat Hyperpigmentation

Age spots, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines are only a few of the conditions that Photorejuvenation can safely treat. We utilize the Sciton broadband light system (BBL) for treatment. This is a non-invasive, gentle procedure.

Light energy delivered by the BBL treatment targets damaged areas of your skin to boost collagen production and rejuvenate and restore by eliminating many fine vessels, which are the culprits behind redness and pigmented lesions. Your hands will look vibrant and smooth in as little as 2-5 treatments. You can expect to see visible and dramatic improvement!

Skin Tyte®/Laser Tightening Procedures

Plastic surgery carries its own daunting risks and monetary cost. If you’re looking for a safer, less expensive alternative, we offer laser skin tightening technology with Skin Tyte®.

Skin Tyte® relies on infrared technology to deliver rapid and targeted light pulses which heat the soft tissue beneath the skin. As a result, collagen production is stimulated, as well as a skin tightening response. The entire treatment area is protected by sapphire contact cooling.

Our laser tightening procedures are safe for all skin types and is comfortable and pain-free with no down time. Schedule an appointment during your lunch hour; there’s no need to take time off for this.

At the Elizabeth Roche M.D. MedSpa, we strive to help you maintain your beauty from the inside out. Unwanted or premature aging in your hands doesn’t have to be something you see every day, and there’s no reason for you to feel that your hands are telling the world anything but how young and vibrant you are. A few non-invasive, non-surgical treatments can help turn back the clock and give your hands a much-needed boost of vitality and confidence. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.