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Adult Acne: Clear Face, Beautiful Face

Adult acne is something most people never hear about until they find themselves still dealing with breakouts and even scarring well after the teen years. At all ages, pimples are typically caused by a buildup of skin cells, product residues, and oils, but adult acne may be partially hereditary. That means that even with careful cleansing and skincare, pimples can be a problem. The bad news is that adult acne and the associated skin damage is all too common and something few people talk about. The good news is that it’s also repairable with the right practices, products, and treatment.

Gentle Exfoliation Is the First Step

There are effective, safe, and gentle exfoliation products sold over the counter, but if your adult acne is severe consult with a medical aesthetician before choosing one. There may be higher end products that are better suited to your skin type or the severity of your adult acne that aren’t sold in department stores. Sometimes, a professional treatment that removes dead skin cells may be preferable to at-home skincare treatments. In either case, never over-exfoliate!

Try Topical Retinoids

Using retinoids to treat your adult acne will require a prescription from a doctor, but it’s worth the trouble because retinoids are effective at treating both comedonal acne and inflammatory acne. They work by preventing dead skin cells from blocking pores and by speeding up the skin’s natural rate of exfoliation. To be truly effective, retinoids may be used in combination with oral acne medications or other treatments, and it’s important to note that acne can get worse before it improves.

Chemical Peels for Acne and Scarring

Under the guidance of a medical aesthetician, chemical peels can be utilized in the treatment of both superficial adult acne and acne scarring. Regardless of the type of chemical peel, this treatment works by removing the surface layers of the skin to reveal the new, undamaged skin underneath. The popularity of chemical peels specifically used for treating acne is growing because there are few complications associated with the procedure, and chemical peels can be used in conjunction with microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

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