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Introducing BELOTERO®: A New Dermal Filler for Lip Lines, Crow’s Feet and More

The same expressions that make us human can age us prematurely when they etch themselves on our skin in the form of laugh lines and other facial folds and furrows. What is even more unfortunate is that the areas of the face most affected by this sort of early onset aging are often the most sensitive and the most difficult to treat with the most common dermal fillers. That’s why we are so excited to introduce our New Jersey MedSpa clients to Belotero®, a new kind of smooth and gentle dermal filler that works beautifully under thin skin to subtly plump up fine lines.

What makes Belotero® different is how it evenly integrates with your body’s own tissues, the way it rehydrates to restore skin’s radiance, the unique way it can be used in targeted areas, and the product’s naturally beautiful results in hard to treat areas. While it is in the same product family as Restylane and Juvederm, Belotero® is a soft hyaluronic acid gel that adapts to facial contours and adds volume underneath even the thinnest skin without any of the issues associated with older granular fillers. We should probably also mention that hyaluronic acid is produced by the body itself, playing an essential role in the hydration of your skin – Belotero® replaces some of the hyaluronic acid that is lost as you age while reshaping the contours of the face to restore your own innate youthfulness.

Simply put, Belotero® is the kind of treatment that most people won’t interpret as cosmetic enhancement. Instead, the people close to you in your life will wonder how it is that you look fresher, happier, and more alert. Whether you share the secrets of Belotero® with these people is up to you!

Are you ready to try Belotero®? Until September 30, Elizabeth Roche MD MedSpa is offering a Belotero Special Promotion of $550 per treatment to introduce our clients to this new way to erase facial wrinkles and gently lift prematurely aging skin. To make an appointment or to find out more, call us at 201-505-1020.

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