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Do Double Chin Exercises Really Work?

Seventy percent of Americans believe that their double chin is detracting from their face’s natural beauty. If you feel the same, you’re not alone. Countless websites offer an array of double chin exercises that claim to help reduce or even eliminate your double chin with little effort, but are these claims worthwhile?


Double chin exercises are largely if not completely ineffectual. Exercise may be beneficial as a whole, but these targeted exercises have a limited ability to reduce fat deposits in the neck. There is, however, a more effective solution. Kybella has been proven to be the far more successful long term solution to double chins.

Double Chins Plague Millions of Americans

A double chin, also known as submental fat, is the result of fat deposits that build up just under the chin, giving the appearance of “two” chins. Double chins have long been derided as a detriment to beauty, and can be the result of poor eating habits or simply just genetics.

In either case, many people feel anxious or self-conscious about their appearance because of their double chin and want to know more about eliminating it permanently.

Double Chin Exercises Can’t Help

Although double chin exercises seem like they could work, many of them just focus on stretching, straining, or manipulating the neck and mouth muscles to pull on the jawlines. These exercises can actually do a lot of good for your neck muscles, but they do very little for getting rid of submental fat. This is because as these fat deposits lie on top of the muscle just under the skin. No amount of neck exercises will reduce this fat pad.

If you are overweight, of course efforts to reduce your overall fat will be beneficial. Additionally, doctors have determined that the human body does not “spot reduce” or lose weight in a particular spot only. It prefers to lose weight evenly, so general weight loss techniques and exercises will be more successful than double chin exercises alone at reducing the unwanted fat. Engaging in exercise will not totally eliminate the appearance of a double chin because other areas of fat tend to be affected more by exercise than the chin is.

Kybella Can Do What Double Chin Exercises Cannot

Fortunately, even though double chin exercises aren’t effective, Kybella can help eliminate a double chin successfully, with seventy-nine percent of patients reporting satisfying results after a treatment. Kybella is a series of small injections of a specialized acid that actually destroys fat cells in a localized area. It’s a quick and safe way to achieve real results that double chin exercises cannot. In addition to reduction of the fat pad, a beneficial side effect observed with Kybella treatments is noticeable skin tightening in the area treated.


Double chins can dampen your self-confidence and detract from the natural beauty of your face. The Elizabeth Roche, M.D. MedSpa offers Kybella treatments, so you can eliminate the appearance of your double chin once and for all. I or my highly trained professional staff will consult with you on your aesthetic goals and see if Kybella is right for you. Call us today to learn more!