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The Facts on Facial Laser Hair Removal

For women, facial hair is the problem we don’t want to talk about. Many New Jersey women suffer from unwanted facial hair, but are confused by conflicting information about treatments. Here’s a breakdown of the options you may want to consider.

Temporary Options for Facial Hair Removal

Temporary options for facial hair removal are many and varied. They include:

  • Shaving
  • Plucking
  • Electronic tweezers
  • Radio frequency tweezers
  • Waxing
  • Depilatories (creams)
  • Electrolysis

Though often inexpensive, these options are also remarkably short-lived. Shaving and plucking will last only a day or two before stubble appears, while waxing and depilatories may only work for a few weeks.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

We recommend laser hair removal treatments over electrolysis for a few reasons: Comfort Level

  • Electrolysis works by inserting a tiny metal probe into the hair follicle, then releasing an electronic charge to destroy the hair root. Some electrolysis patients have reported discomfort or pain from the heat generated.
  • The hot tiny metal probe that is placed down into the hair follicle has sometimes caused permanent enlargement of the follicles, disfiguring the skin.
  • Laser hair removal uses light instead of direct heat. Once absorbed by the skin, the light from the laser converts to heat and destroys the hair. Pain is slight to none – some patients say that it feels like a rubber band snapping.

Time Commitment

Times vary for each individual, depending on skin and hair type, but in general:

  • Electrolysis treatments can take anywhere from 2-16 hours
  • Each laser hair removal treatment typically lasts under 15 minutes

New Jersey Facial Laser Hair Removal Consultation

If you have questions about whether facial laser hair removal would work for you, talk to the staff at the Elizabeth Roche, M.D. MedSpa. By law in New Jersey, laser hair removal may only be done under the supervision of a licensed physician such as Dr. Roche. At the Elizabeth Roche  M.D. MedSpa either Dr. Roche or her licensed nurse perform laser hair removal. This ensures an extra level safety for you and your skin. Call us at 201-505-1020 to book an in-house NJ laser hair removal consultation.

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