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Hair Removal

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be particularly difficult, especially on more sensitive areas of the body. Shaving can cut you and leave you with dry, irritated skin. Tweezing is a slow and painful process. Waxing and electrolysis can discolor your skin and can be painful. However, unwanted body hair can be embarrassing and irritating, and can damage your self-esteem.…

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Last month, we blogged about the basics of laser hair removal – sometimes called laser hair reduction – because we wanted our hair removal clients to understand what this simple procedure can and can’t do. Now we want to delve more deeply into some of the science behind laser hair removal to answer frequently asked questions like why this procedure…

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Summer

With bathing suit weather just around the corner, a lot of women – and some men, too – are starting to think about hair removal. A smooth shave is one thing, and can be a simple, temporary solution when an unexpected beach party strikes but it’s imperfect if you want to avoid stubble and irritation. So what are the alternatives?…

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The Facts on Facial Laser Hair Removal

For women, facial hair is the problem we don’t want to talk about. Many New Jersey women suffer from unwanted facial hair, but are confused by conflicting information about treatments. Here’s a breakdown of the options you may want to consider. Temporary Options for Facial Hair Removal Temporary options for facial hair removal are many and varied. They include: Shaving…

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