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Botox: How the Anti-Age Miracle Drug Can Help You

Since its discovery over 30 years ago, the drug onabotulinum toxin A, more commonly known by the brand name Botox, has been used to therapeutically treat over 20 known medical conditions, including muscle spasms, chronic migraines, crossed eyes, urinary incontinence and more. In fact, its properties as a wrinkle-relaxer were only noticed later, merely as a positive side effect of…

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Safe and Effective: What Exactly Is Botox?

  Botox is a purified form of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, a naturally-occurring toxin that can cause a type of food poisoning called botulism. Contrary to misconception, it is nearly impossible to contract botulism from Botox injections. First, the concentration of the toxin in an injection is diluted. Second, the amount of solution injected into the muscle is minuscule, just…

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Dysport vs BOTOX: Which Treatment is Better?

For a long time, BOTOX was the non-surgical treatment of choice for deep frown lines and wrinkles. Then along came Dysport. FDA-approved and tested in multiple clinical studies, Dysport uses the same botulinim toxin (type A) as BOTOX to relax the facial muscles. With just one simple injection, patients are on their way to improved skin. But which treatment is…

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Are Botox Treatments Worth It?

Nicole Kidman tried them. Simon Cowell uses them. Helena Bonham Carter won’t have anything to do with them. When it comes to BOTOX treatments, there’s a lot of fierce debate. The question remains, are BOTOX treatments worth it? Best Candidates for BOTOX Treatments BOTOX treatments aren’t for everyone. Some clients may wish to consider a chemical peel or laser resurfacing to…

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