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Thinking about a face lift? Try this minimally invasive alternative using NovaThreads

If you are experiencing the signs of facial aging –– jowls, drooping cheeks, saggy eyes –– you are not alone. Although many people think face lifts are their only solution to repair sagging skin, there is now a less invasive and more cost-effective alternative that produces instant results without any recovery period: NovaThreads.

What are NovaThreads?

NovaThreads are a biodegradable suture that is used to lift and target loose, saggy skin. They are FDA approved and have been used in cardiac surgeries for over 60 years. Their use for cosmetic dermatology has become more popular in the United States after their success in Asia and Europe as a safe and instant face lift technique. NovaThreads lift, smooth, and tighten the skin instantly, delivering natural-looking results with no pain or intense recovery period

Benefits of NovaThreads:

The healthy “V-shape” associated with a youthful face gets lost as the skin sags and loses its elastic properties. Thread lifts offer natural results that lift and gently pull the skin back to tighten the face’s appearance and recreate a healthy V-shape. At the same time, collagen production is stimulated due to NovaThread placement in the subdermal area which smooths wrinkles and fine lines over time.

Who should get NovaThreads?

NovaThreads offer subtle, natural results, lifting the skin only a few millimeters. They are great options for those who are not experiencing severe skin laxity but have noticeable changes to their facial “V” shape. They can be used on patients of all ages, anywhere on the face, although are especially good at targeting sagging skin on the neck and jaw area. Nova Threads work best for patients who have volume in their face. A face that is too thin or someone with thin skin may benefit from dermal fillers or Sculptra before getting a thread lift.

Who should get NovaThreadsHow do NovaThreads work?

NovaThreads use polydioxanone (PDO) –– a synthetic material that gets absorbed by the body in 4 to 6 months. The best part? NovaThreads actually stimulate collagen synthesis over this time peroid while supporting the skin.  By triggering the body’s healing process, the skin stays taut and in place after the thread disappears.Compared to other types of threads on the market, PDO NovaThreads pass through tissues easily and have a decreased risk of infection due to its antibacterial coating.

Where can NovaThreads be used?

NovaThreads are available in different types of thread types depending on the area being targeted and results desired. Smooth NovaThreads target superficial wrinkles and lines. Volumizing NovaThreads have a twisted thread to define the lips and fill deeper wrinkles such as smile lines on the cheeks. Lifting NovaThreads have a small, barbed thread that can best hold and tighten the skin. One or a combination of NovaThreads can be used to target: forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, smile lines, smoker’s lines, jaw or jowls, chin, lip border, neck lines and chest. We also use them on thinning wrinkled skin of the arms and legs, especially above the knees.

Where can NovaThreads be usedHow long do NovaThreads last?

The threads themselves dissolve within 4-6 months, but the effects of PDO NovaThreads will last 1-2 years depending on the client. Other anti-aging treatments can be used in conjunction with the thread lift to prolong the results.

NovaThread vs other Thread Lift options:

The FDA has approved one other material for thread lifts: Silhouette Lift. The biggest difference is that Silhouette Lifts use a different material than PDO called Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLLA also absorbs in the skin, although it takes longer to absorb, cannot be removed once inserted, and can cause scars and lumps to form. The bulkier material can also be felt by most patients, even though PLLA is inserted deeper into the dermis, about 5mm. Although Silhouette Lifts may last slightly longer than NovaThreads, NovaThreads cannot be felt under the skin and sometimes can be removed once they are placed if needed for any reason.

Thread Lift vs Face Lift:

Nova Threads can not pull the skin and underlying tissue as much as a surgical face lift can. A face lift is a surgical procedure that reduces the quantity of tissue present by removing the excess skin. This procedure requires heavy sedation or general anesthesia and may cause bruising and swelling that can last for several weeks to months. Patients typically need to take two weeks off of work before they can return to their day-to-day routines. Nova Threads may be the right choice for you if you are not ready for a face lift and are looking for an alternative to a surgical procedure that has less downtime. A thread lift may provide enough of a change to avoid or delay a face lift for years to come. However a thread lift may not be the right choice for patients who have “surgical face lift expectations”. Consider Nova Threads not as an equal substitute for a face lift, but a less invasive, less dramatic alternative option to make a change.

What to expect during and after your NovaThread appointment?

Getting a thread lift is a relatively painless process. Topical numbing cream is used for the smaller Smooth and Twist Nova Threads. The threads come preloaded into thin needles. The needles are easily inserted under the skin. For the larger Barb Nova Threads, a small amount of local anesthesia is injected into the skin at the site of insertion. Since these threads are larger, you may feel a pressure or pushing sensation when they are being inserted, but usually not pain. The appointments typically take 30-40 minutes in total. Patients typically experience a bit of soreness, redness, and possible swelling that same day. Most patients see immediate results, are not able to see or feel the threads and do not need to take pain medications.

NovaThread after-care

Patients should avoid wearing make-up for the first 24 hours. They will need to avoid rubbing their faces vigorously while cleaning or moisturizing their face for at least a week after their thread lift. Strenuous exercise or any procedures in the mouth such as dental work with wide mouth opening should be avoided for one week. Procedures with heat such as laser peel or Ultherapy should be avoided for several months as they may wear out the threads quickly.  Overall, NovaThreads are a low risk and high satisfaction procedure.

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