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Laser Hair Removal Treatments: What You Need to Know

With summer here and in full force, most of us are spending more time at the beach – or trying to. And the unwanted hair that was only a very minor annoyance in the fall and winter is now front and center. Whether you simply want a smoother silhouette during bathing suit weather or you’re embarrassed by unsightly unwanted hair, shaving, plucking, waxing, and using depilatory creams can be a lot of work. Messy, too. Electrolysis is painful and time-consuming and over time, can cause discoloration of the skin.  It used to be that  women and men with unwanted body hair simply had to cope with day-to-day solutions or the time and discomfort of semi permanent solutions.

Today however, laser hair removal has revolutionized the way we treat unwanted hair. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure has been proven safe and effective. It works by using laser energy to selectively damage and disable actively growing hair follicles to remove and reduce excessive hair growth in problem areas like the upper lip, eyebrows, chin, arms, abdomen, back, and bikini area. This type of treatment is a blessing for anyone who has ever been self-conscious about body hair growth.

However, what many people don’t know is that laser hair removal is not a fast fix. Because hair grows in three stages – the active anagen phase during which hair is actually growing, the regressive catagen phase during which the follicle is absorbed, and the resting telogen phase during which older hair falls out so it can be replaced by new growth. Laser hair removal is most effective during the anagen phase, but at any one time a person’s individual hair follicles may be operating in different phases. That means some hair follicles may respond optimally at the first treatment, while others respond better at a second or third treatment.  How many treatments, a person needs depends on several factors, such as the thickness, texture, and color of their hair.

Finally,it’s important to understand that a laser hair removal treatment is actually laser hair reduction. Because of the nature of our bodies, laser hair removal can bring about a stable reduction in the total number of body hairs in the problem area but will not result in the permanent removal of all hairs. Laser Hair Removal treatments can offer up to 80 to  95% total reduction.  Our hormones can also play a role in the cycles of hair growth, however, the hairs that are less affected by laser hair removal treatments are typically the light and fine hairs.

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