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What Exactly Is a Medical Spa?

“I’m headed to the spa!” is something you may hear semi-regularly from friends, family, or colleagues. While most of us are quite busy these days, we’re also learning to take better care of ourselves and to accept a little pampering now and then. Not all spas are the same, however, so if you’re considering joining your loved one or associate in their outing, you should first know what exactly they mean by spa. We believe it’s important to understand that there is a wide divide between day spas, which offer relaxation and simple beauty treatments, and medical spas, which offer so much more.

At a medical spa in New Jersey, like Elizabeth Roche M.D. MedSpa, treatments go beyond relaxation and into the space where medicine meets beauty. Medical expertise, such as Dr. Roche’s, allows practitioners to treat the underlying conditions that lead to premature aging, sagging skin, and other conditions that make us look older than we feel – instead of simply masking the problem with temporary solutions. And unlike a day spa, a medical spa will always have a licensed physician on site overseeing every procedure.

Our patients experience a beautiful, tranquil spa like atmosphere, yet receive the best non-surgical, proven anti-aging  rejuvenation treatments that give patients the results they are looking to achieve.  Our skin care products are medical grade, physician formulated, and regulated, unlike a day spa’s products that maybe organic and plant based.  Medical grade skin care offers scientific and clinical based studies to support the benefits of the products.

We seek out continual training both in the U.S. and abroad and obtain certification in new techniques, so that we can evolve with the needs of our patients and emerging technology.

Our goal is simple. To bring you the best treatments available, under the medical supervision of Dr. Roche to enhance your best features and natural beauty. If you’re ready to experience the medical spa difference, call us at 1-201-505-1020.  We look forward to discussing your skin care concerns, and  developing a plan that will help restore your natural beauty from the inside out.

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