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Healthy Skin Over 50: It’s About Commitment

Some women look at healthy skin when over 50 as the point at which they can step down their efforts, but the very real fact is that skin at 50 can be just as healthy and radiant as skin at 30. Yes, your skincare regimen will change as you enter a new decade of life, but the fundamentals remain the same. Suncreen is still an absolute necessity – particularly now when liver spots and areas of discoloration are most likely to appear. Staying hydrated and eating healthily are still important. And this is the time to explore new product ranges.

There are numerous anti-aging products specifically designed for over-50 skin. However, this is the decade in which a greater number of women begin to look into skincare procedures like Ultherapy that lift and tone the skin of the face and neck. But if you feel driven to look into Ulthera or other procedures, that doesn’t mean you can leave your skincare regimen behind if you want to have beautiful, healthy skin now and for years to come.

The Danger of Dry Out

Mature skin is typically dry, which comes as a surprise to women who have spent their lives coping with oily skin. In the warmer months, moisture in the air can compensate for the skin’s own lack of hydration. In wintertime? Dry skin over 50 becomes too obvious to ignore. Cold air outside, dry indoor heating, and low humidity can add up to skin that is dry and even itchy. Without adequate moisture, skin can become flaky or even crack – which aside from being decidedly uncomfortable can also be unsightly.

Remember when your grandmother would slather her face in petroleum jelly before bed? We don’t recommend going that far, but a high-end facial moisturizer and body moisturizer, applied twice daily if not more often, can go a long way toward maintaining fresh-looking, beautiful skin. Whether you choose a moisturizer that contains urea, alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid is up to you, but these ingredients can also minimize fine lines.

Stick With It

The biggest skincare mistake that women over 50 tend to make is not sticking with it. Products like Retin A can take time to work and may initially cause side effects like redness or peeling. Using sunscreen and taking other steps to prevent sun damage can seem unnecessary when the worst sun damage is usually sustained in one’s teens and 20s. Researching skincare treatments can even feel like a waste of time. But skincare over 50 has to be about commitment. Our foremothers may have had scant years left after hitting the half century mark, but 50 is the new 30. A 50 year old woman today can expect to live 25 years or more!

Remember last month when we said that there’s no reason a woman can’t have beautiful skin in every decade of life? It’s true even at 50 and beyond, provided you care for your skin with the same diligence with which you maintain your physical health and emotional well-being.

At Elizabeth Roche MedSpa, we offer a full range of non-invasive, non-surgical, and proven skin care treatments like Ulthera and are happy to discuss the specifics of skincare over 50 with our clients.

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