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4 Steps to Get Visibly Glowing Skin with Hydrafacial

Whether you want fresh, glowing skin for a big event like your wedding or simply want to turn back the clock enjoy youthful, dewy skin, a HydraFacial can help. The simple 4-step HydraFacial process provides stunning results without discomfort.

Glowing Skin

4 Steps to Youthful, Glowing Skin with HydraFacial Technology

The HydraFacial process is designed to not only provide noticeable, immediate results, but to do so without causing any kind of discomfort or redness. If you have had a conventional facial in the past, you’ll be amazed at how relaxing and soothing the HydraFacial experience is. The following steps outline what to expect from the HydraFacial experience:

  1. Gentle Cleansing and Exfoliation

We start by gently removing old skin cells with a soft deplaning tool; you’ll feel nothing but cool comfort as we work to remove the excess oils, dead skin cells and debris from your skin. This important first step not only leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed, it helps open your pores for hydration and treatment.

  1. Skin Friendly Acid Peel

Don’t let the “acid” in the name fool you; this is a soothing, comfortable part of the HydraFacial and is designed to provide excellent results without discomfort. You might feel a slight tingling sensation, however, many of our clients don’t notice we’ve moved on to this step at all – it’s that gentle.

  1. Pain Free Extraction of Impurities

HydraFacials take the squeeze out of extractions, replacing uncomfortable and often ineffective manual extractions of oil and residue with an innovative suction system. This gentle suction removes impurities and eliminates redness while leaving you with fresh, glowing skin that lasts.

  1. Hydration Application

The last part of your HydraFacial is a soothing serum made up of skin friendly antioxidants and ingredients chosen for their efficacy in promoting healthy, youthful skin.

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