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7 Habits Keeping You from Your Most Beautiful Skin

The smoothest and most youthful skin in the world can’t stand up to these 7 bad habits. Beautiful skin, as we’ve mentioned in the past, is almost always the result of thoughtful skin care. While that can sometimes means the use of products and treatments, most of the skincare techniques that promote beautiful skin at any age are surprisingly simple. Are you guilty of these bad skincare habits? If so, it’s time to reevaluate how you treat the skin you’re in!

  1. Smoking. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but if you smoke it’s time to quit. Not only does smoking cause those telltale lip lines – it also contributes to premature aging and may increase the risk of certain skin cancers. We know that quitting isn’t easy. If you’re struggling to quit, ask your primary care doctor for help.
  2. Picking and scratching. As tempting as it is to pop that pimple or scratch at that spot, resist! Scratching and picking can actually cause itchy skin, leading to a cycle of itching and scratching that leads to at best redness and at worst, real, lasting damage.
  3. Not getting enough sleep. Haven’t you heard of beauty sleep? Sleep and beautiful skin go hand in hand, so if you’re not getting enough shut eye don’t be surprised if your skin starts to look drawn, wan, and more wrinkled than before. Luckily, the effects of exhaustion are easily reversed by a few good nights of zzzzz’s.
  4. Skipping sunscreen. Leaving the SPF at home can increase your risk of sun damage such as skin cancer, of course, but it also sets you up for sun damage that can turn into wrinkles, discoloration, and spots. Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day to protect your beautiful skin.
  5. Leaving makeup on overnight. Not cleansing makeup away at the end of the day sounds gross, as well it should. A layer of dirt can form underneath your cosmetics – and that dirt can get into pores and even cause infections.
  6. Not visiting the dermatologist. We get checkups for our physical selves and our mental selves. Some of us get checkups for specific parts of the body. Doesn’t your skin deserve a checkup of its own once in a while? A lot of pre-cancers are caught in the doctor’s office!
  7. Ignoring skin from the neck down. Every part of you that’s exposed to sunlight deserves sunscreen. Your whole body can benefit from moisturizer. You may see your face in the mirror every morning, but your body is also part of the package. Treat it right.

The consequences of bad skin care habits can outweigh good genetics and youth. But the results of good skincare habits will stay with you for a lifetime. If you look at this list and cringe a little bit because you have some bad habits of your own, now is the time to review your skincare regimen and make the change to healthy habits for beautiful skin!

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