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How an Elluminating peel can make a difference in your skin

Your physical appearance gives the first impression and who doesn’t want the first impression to be the best. The quality of your skin plays a very important role not only in your appearance but also acts as a mirror of your health and well being. The skin acts as a warrior of the human body acting as a defense against various infections.

The basic skin care regime comprises of three steps; Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing. All three are quite simple as compared to the elaborate procedures depicted by many. However, owing to stress, bad weather conditions, pollution, dirt and constant exposure to the sun, our skin tends to get damaged proving to be a much dreaded nightmare for every woman.

Latest on the skin care regime is the Elluminating peel. This is a fast and effective way to get reduce pigmentation issues, caused by many factors. Pregnancy, sun, acne and hormonal changes. It is a peel off mask that contains hydroquinone and retinoic acid which makes it safe for any skin type.

How does it work?

After cleansing the skin, a vitamin A peel is applied which is a creamy mask that nourishes the skin. This is done to bleach the skin and remove signs of tanning. Care must be taken to avoid walking under direct sunlight soon after using the peel. You will not experience any pain; however the skin might feel raw and sensitive.

What to expect?

After the removal of the mask, your skin may experience a slight irritation or redness which will eventually settle down. Peeling of the skin typically begins after a few hours. What you get by using a vitamin A peel is lighter skin tone, improved skin texture, and an even skin tone.

Quick fix- At home procedure

If you want a quick fix procedure, you can grab a pack of DIY Elluminating peels. Apply and keep this on for ten minutes then massage it gently with wet fingertips before rinsing the whole mask off.

Who should avoid?

You must avoid the Elluminating peel if you have recently undergone chemotherapy or radiation, if your skin is sore or has open wounds, if your skin is very sensitive and or you have had a skin disease recently.

With an array of skin care products available in the market, you must remember that not every product is meant for you. Though you can buy and use a DIY kit, it is advisable to visit a medical spa where besides being pampered, your skin will be looked after by an expert.

Elizabeth Roche MD Med Spa is one such medical spa that provides various services that will make you look radiant and beautiful. The experts at Elizabeth Roche Spa use quality products of leading companies that nourishes the skin from deep within without any side effects. We also offer Elluminating peels that not only restore a subtle glow to your fading skin, but also brings out the new you, making you feel wanted, always!

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