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3 Things You Should Know About a Melanage Peel

If you want to know details about a Melanage Peel, you have come to the right place. Women who have uneven skin tone, melasma, or deep pigment concerns should consider using the Melanage Peel. It is designed to treat pigment, specifically melasma. The method comes in two parts, which are a masque applied by medical staff and an after care regimen offered during your appointments. The Melanage Peel will transform the appearance and texture of melasma and hyperpigmented skin.

The masque is the first step of the skin lightening procedure and it will be freshly applied in the spa by a qualified medical aesthetician. This is to ensure the reliability and potency of the treatment, which will take about 30 minutes. Depending on your skin type and condition, you might have to wear the masque for about two to ten hours. Dr. Roche or one of her aestheticians will give you a specific time to wash the masque from your face. It is advisable that you do not leave the masque on longer than the time given, as it will be counterproductive. To ensure you get the best results, you need to listen carefully to the medical aesthetician.

As soon as you arrive at home and you remove the masque as instructed, you will have completed the first half of the Melanage Peel treatment. From this point, you will follow the instructions to use your at home care kit. You will be responsible for following the protocol to ensure optimal results. Although the instructions are simple, they are very strict, thus, it is imperative that you follow every instruction thoroughly. Be prepared to spend about thirty days or so, in order to complete the treatment successfully.

One of the things you should know about a Melanage Peel is that the results vary from one person to the other. Nevertheless, you will generally see a significant improvement in the pigmented areas. Your dark spots and skin texture, as well as your tone will certainly improve. Even though a large number of patients tend to experience peeling of skin, it does not happen to everyone. Many women require only one Melanage Peel, but if they need further results, they can be treated to the second peel only six months after they have received the first treatment.

The Melanage Peel does not cause any pain, although some patients will experience a tingling sensation as soon as the masque is applied. When the masque is removed, the tingling sensation might become stronger. The most common side effects of a Melanage Peel are the peeling of the surface of your skin, which will last about seven to ten days, and you will experience a bit of redness.

Now that you know about a Melanage Peel, it is advisable that you consider it thoroughly before you decide to obtain the treatment for your skin.

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