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The Elimine Peel for Acne and Acne Prone Skin

It is well known among acne sufferers that most of the advertised remedies on the market today do not work as proclaimed. Whether this is because their claims are overblown or because they are simply not effective is irrelevant. The fact is that adult acne sufferers and men and women with acne prone skin need a treatment that goes beyond the creams and cleansers found on drugstore shelves.

Here at Elizabeth Roche MD MedSpa, we believe that acne, like most other cosmetic skin conditions, is treatable. That’s why Dr. Roche has developed a line of pharmaceutical grade treatments and peels for all different types of skin conditions. The Elimine Peel in particular was designed for our patients coping with acne at any age.

What makes the Elimine Peel different is that it is a true skin clarifying system that targets not only blemishes, but the three major concerns that are associated with acne prone skin:

•           Oil

•           Bacteria

•           Inflammation

Because the skin of those fighting acne is already sensitive, the Elimine Peel is formulated to be extra gentle. Unlike treatments that literally peel the skin, Elimine is a superficial chemical peel that uses a proprietary blend of 12% Azelaic acid, 12% Salicylic acid, and 12% Mandelic acid to heal and clarify skin. First, it works to reduce excess oil. Then it targets the strains of bacteria that are often the underlying cause of acne. Finally, it reduces the inflammation that goes hand in hand with acne and works to brighten the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation that can be a noticeable and embarrassing consequence of acne.

After an in-office Elimine Peel treatment, patients utilize six medical-grade home care products that continue the work of the peel to ensure optimal results. Most will return to us for a second treatment within a month, though we recommend three peels over a three month period as the ideal course of treatment for anyone who is truly serious about achieving clear, beautiful, and healthy skin.

No matter how much bad luck you have had with over the counter-grade acne remedies, there is still hope! Adult acne is entirely treatable, and there are ways to prevent occasional or frequent breakouts in acne prone skin. The Elimine Peel is just one option open to those trying to eliminate acne – in fact, many of our physician only products and treatments promote healthier, youthful skin and may be beneficial in your fight against acne. Are you ready to get the smooth, flawless skin you deserve? Then call us today at 201-505-1020 to talk about how we can help you do just that.

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