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We spend a lot of time at work – about a third of our lives. Because of this, our skin is susceptible to the environmental impact from our jobs, whether you work in an office cubicle, a hair salon, the medical field, or anywhere in between. Unfortunately, that impact from our immediate surroundings isn’t necessarily a positive one, and your skin can suffer from dryness as a result. What are some of the causes of dry skin? Could your work environment be one of them?

Top Jobs that Cause Dry Skin

Here’s a look at the top offenders for parched skin:

Office Jobs

If you work in an office setting, chances are there’s always someone unhappy with the thermostat! Office environments frequently have extremely dry air from the heat in winter, and frigid air blasted from the air conditioner during the summer. These extremes don’t serve your skin. Instead, they pull moisture from the air and your skin suffers because of it. Computer screens also create an electromagnetic field which attracts dust – and dust, in turn, is another culprit that dries out your skin.

Hair Salons

Hair stylists frequently have their hands and forearms in water as they wash, rinse, dry, and style their customers’ hair. The repeated and quickly shifting circumstance – from water to blow dryer – is a harsh process for the hands, and many stylists experience dry, cracking skin.

Medical Jobs

To combat against germs and infection, those in the medical field may find themselves washing their hands 30-50 times per day. This routinely robs the skin of its natural oils. When alcohol-based hand sanitizer follows the hand washing, the skin dries out even further.


If you’re in any job which requires you to handle money, or paper-based products repeatedly, you will likely find that your hands feel stripped of moisture.

What are the Risks of Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be painful! It may feel raw, tight, or ashy, or even crack and bleed. When there are cracks and fissures in skin as a result of dryness, it is even easier for bacteria to enter and cause infections. Itchy skin can also result, and existing conditions such as psoriasis can be aggravated when in a dry work environment. And – even more frustrating – dry skin is a vicious cycle. The drier your skin becomes, the harder it is for your skin to retain moisture in the first place.

How Can I Help My Dry Skin?

Sometimes the reality may be that your work environment can’t easily be changed – you can’t exactly just up and leave your job because you have dry skin, but there are ways you can help your dry skin heal. Here are our top three suggestions:

Drink Up

Staying adequately hydrated is critical to having supple, moisturized skin. Keep a water bottle at your desk and try to gradually increase your water intake by sipping it throughout the day. Set a goal of drinking a quart of water before noon and another quart before you clock out at the end of the day.


You can put moisture back into the air with the help of a small humidifier at your desk. These can be purchased inexpensively and go a long way in returning moisture to the air. Your skin will notice the difference!

Care for Your Skin

A quality skincare regimen is key, especially one that includes a moisturizer formulated to help nourish dry skin is a must-have. Dr. Elizabeth Roche has formulated several products targeting dry skin. For instance, our Hylapeptide Cream is a lightweight cream with intense moisturizing effects. Confidently combat drying skin with this cream and enjoy the benefits of its hyaluronic acid – an essential ingredient for promoting hydrated and youthful skin.

Our Elegant neck and décolletage cream is ready to help heal and protect your neck and chest with rich emollients. Your skin will be smoothed and soothed with this cream high in antioxidants from vitamins C and E.

Finally, you may also consider one of our nourishing Hydrafacial treatments. These intensive facials can clear away excess dry or dead skin cells and replenish your skin with a customized cocktail of hydrating serums. These serums are specially formulated, and Dr. Elizabeth Roche will work with you to determine which compound will be most beneficial for you.

Helping your skin stay hydrated and smooth while in a work environment that is drying it out may feel like an uphill battle. But with attention and care to what causes dry skin and the steps you can take to lock in moisturization, you can help your skin to regain its hydration and stay moisturized. Wouldn’t you love to wave farewell to dry, itchy skin forever. We’re ready to help you figure out exactly what kind of moisturizers would be best for your skin, and help you determine a treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today.