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ER MedSpa Wins Readers’ Choice Award!

The Elizabeth Roche MD MedSpa has made the A-List! Thank you to the readers of New Jersey Life Health + Beauty Magazine, who voted us the Best New Jersey Medi-Spa in their 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards. Over 23,000-plus votes were cast in the competition, and being acknowledged as the Best MedSpa in New Jersey has made us both immensely proud…

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A Natural Treatment for Rosacea

Do you suffer from the following symptoms? Red patches on your cheeks, nose, chin or forehead Visible blood vessels on the face Pimples or bumps If so, you may have rosacea, a common skin condition that affects over 16 million Americans. The Effects of Rosacea   At the Elizabeth Roche MD Med Spa we treat a number of patients with…

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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

At the Elizabeth Roche MD MedSpa, we treat our patients with Skin Tyte, a laser technology that uses a series of rapid light pulses to deeply heat the soft tissue below the skin. This stimulates the body to produce collagen, tightening skin in the process of a natural healing response.   Plastic surgery for tightening skin can be a frightening…

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How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Until recently, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) was thought to be untreatable. Men and women with sweaty armpits had no choice but antiperspirants and frequent showers. Fortunately, BOTOX® injections are highly effective in treating abnormal perspiration. Approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2004, BOTOX® is proving to be a safe and smart solution for sweat. Clinical Results In…

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The Miraculous Mélange Peel

There have been so many inquires on the website and phone calls to the office about The Mélange Peel, I thought it would be informative to discuss it on the blog. The Mélange Peel is the newest treatment in deep peels to help with pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It works extremely well on pigmentation problems such as melasma, sun…

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Smokers Lines/Lip Lines

I recently received an inquiry from my emails that read “What can I do about the lines around my mouth?”  One of the most common areas of frustration for some women are those little fine, and sometimes not so fine, lines that form along the lip making them look older than they should. . This area shows signs of aging…

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