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Treatments to Look Naturally Snatched

When it comes to non-surgical aesthetic treatments, there is never a “one size fits all” solution. Everyone’s face is uniquely different. However, from years of experience, we have tailored a treatment plan that delivers natural yet effective results to attenuate and contour your natural face shape for a more attractive, snatched look.

The Snatched look is all the rage and is particularly popular for patients in the 20 to 40 age range. This new beauty standard provides a natural model-like appearance without looking “done”. With years of experience, I’ve been providing these treatments to create a lifted and naturally beautiful look, and now it has the catchy name of “Snatched”.

What is the “snatched” look? Sharp jawline, defined cheekbones and lifted “fox eye” create an overall taunt, youthful, and symmetrical appearance.

Every appointment at Elizabeth Roche Medspa starts by listening to what you desire in your results. Our Before & After Gallery can offer inspiration from previous clients. We recognize that everyone is uniquely different, but we will always do our best to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

After establishing your treatment goals, we will measure and note your facial features.

Although beauty trends come and go, what makes a face “attractive” to the human brain has remained the same throughout human evolution: facial symmetry.

As I assess your face, I look for asymmetrical features that can be changed, such as less volume on one side, a more pronounced smile line, one higher brow, etc. Balancing the face with other treatments leads to flawless results. As a physician-run aesthetic office, I take pride in the science behind my treatments and the little details that can lead to naturally beautiful differences for each individual.

1. Tighten the Skin

You can not achieve the snatched look without tight, taunt skin. This is why the snatched look is more popular and easier to achieve in younger patients or patients who have been keeping their skin toned throughout the decades with skin tightening procedures. Recent makeup trends have gravitated towards higher contours to reduce roundness and sharpen cheekbones. Makeup can only do so much for older skin, however.

If you are younger and have tight skin, then you’re one step ahead and can go to step 2.

If you do need to tighten your skin then treatments such as Microlaser Peels, Ultherapy, or SkinTyte are a good starting point for you. 

2. Create Symmetry and Add Contour

Once the skin is tight, dermal fillers and bio-stimulating products (Sculptra Aesthetic, Radiesse, and PDO Threads), will allow me to create symmetry in your face. Symmetry is the basis of beauty. It is rare to find a perfectly symmetrical face, but the closer we get to that, the more beautiful we appear.

Injecting to create balance in the face not only means the left and right sides, but also the upper and lower face needs to be balanced as well.

A highly sculpted upper cheekbone is the starting point of an overall lifted and snatched lower face. Creating this lifted foundation with upward vectors will change the way your face is perceived by others. By using the above treatments, you can achieve the “supermodel” cheekbone look.

The jawline builds the foundation of a lower snatched face. The mandible bone, which runs from the chin back to the ear, creates the chiseled jawline. A strongly defined mandibular line is attractive and youthful. As we age, this bone becomes thinner and shorter, leading to a recessed chin and double chin appearance. Adding jawline fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse adds volume to the shape, and sharp angles define the jawline and create the snatched look of the lower face. 

3. Toxin Time!

Injecting neurotoxins or Botox in the right muscles around the eye can create the desirable model “fox-eye” appearance in the upper face. This, along with NovaThreads placed above the brows, can create an added lift of the outer brow with longer-lasting results. Neurotoxins in the forehead will also create a smooth and lifted appearance when done correctly. 

On the lower half of the face, neurotoxins, such as Botox, can narrow and sharpen features. Inserted at the back of the jawline, they can gradually narrow a large masseter muscle, which is responsible for emphasizing a “square” facial shape. Additionally, they can be injected into the neck and jawline to define and add that finishing touch to the lower face. In my practice, I use either Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin. 

4. Increase the Lift with Threads

I emphasize the lift of the upper half of the face with help from NovaThreads. NovaThreads can be inserted into the forehead area to lift the lateral brow to achieve the best fox-eye appearance. They also can be used in the cheek area to create a more lifted facial structure and a hollowed mid-cheek area. On the jawline, they further define the jawline and lift the lower face without undergoing surgery.

In addition to lifting and creating upward vectors, PDO threads such as NovaThreads help stimulate your natural collagen over time. More collagen means thicker, healthier skin and a more youthful appearance.

Read more about ThreadLifts here.

5. Facial Fat Removal without Surgery

A thinner face without fullness under the chin creates a beautiful profile. Some people have areas of stubborn fat no matter how much weight they lose. The injectable Kybella, which dissolves even resistant facial fat, or surgical Buccal Fat Removal are both ways to finish off the snatched look.

Kybella is a product made by Allergan that is FDA approved to reduce the submental adipose tissue –– otherwise known as the “chin fat.” Kybella differs from injectables as deoxycholic acid not only breaks down fat over time but also prevents future fat deposition in that area. Although repeat injections may be needed, the results do not fade over the lifespan. In the end, a beautiful profile is achieved.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal is all the rage now! An “off-label” use of Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is to inject it into other areas of the face where there is excess fat such as the jowls or the buccal fat pads.

Surgical buccal fat pad removal is very popular with many models, such as Chrissy Teigen, who recently admitted to having it done. Removing this fat pad, which lies between the cheekbones and the jawbone, slims the lower face which currently is a high-fashioned look.

However, a non-surgical option is to inject the buccal fat pad with the reducing enzyme, deoxycholic acid, or Kybella. This gradual approach may be a safer way to proceed than surgery because it doesn’t remove all of the fat pad at once. If you want to maintain some of the fat pad, you can. 

Be cautious about your decision to have your buccal pads surgically removed, injected with Kybella, or with deoxycholic acid. Be sure it is something you want because once this fat is gone, it is gone forever. Currently, we do not know how the aging process will affect the face years from now without the buccal fat pad. 

If you are interested in our “Snatched” treatment plan, call Elizabeth Roche, M.D. MedSpa to schedule a consultation at 201-505-1020. An evaluation and treatment plan will be developed based on your needs.

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